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Hopefully Not

First Posted: May 21, 2016, 5:30 a.m. CST
Last Updated: May 21, 2016, 5:51 a.m. CST
Big guns.

RS-36, RS-28, РС-28, S-400, and Ilyushin Il-80. Russian weapons, extremely large bombs and satellites. There is Calculus here now. That's another blog! Lots of figures with various options versus others with such. That, I am too dumb for: unless hey, take me out and teach me, secret recruiter guys!

The Ilyushin Il-80: I call a "Zombie-Ship" and the US has one too. It’s more difficult to find it tho for the US. And, it is way harder to find US military data despite the FSB claims of recruiting all top engineers. In fact, the RU often flaunts its top machines and abilities (Putin asking 100K for TOR: was that a joke?)— meaning they are really great or they are peacocking.

However; the Ilyushin Il-80 is scary (US has one too, case you forgot the above paragraph) because it is an airplane capable of controlling everything, all functions, from the air—the day-to-day activity on streets, schools and businesses (even if a nuclear zombie is eating your face), to the internet and intranets, to the ordering and launching of missiles, and deployment of soldiers, management of command bases, and even congressional (at least in US we have that) activity. Lastly: even launch of, last-case, no-choice nuclear warheads.

And what would that do anyways?

Land a bunch of old-ass Generals on a tropical unknown island that was lucky enough to survive nuclear holocaust and have them pillage the bananas and get beaten by the village women half their age and thrice their non-activity? Sounds like; “Blue Lagoon.”

The R-36M2 is another story. A horror story. No joke. Called the SS-18 Satan by NATO: the Russian Federation states this one missile carries 10+ nuclear warheads and supposedly can take out the entire state of Texas in one shot. There is some doubt amongst scientists as to its true capability but it is supposedly the most powerful singular nuclear missile in the world.

That’s the problem with Donald Trump IMO. As much as Billary annoys me, this guy wants to

• Talk to Kim Jung Un (sure he’ll agree to anything and like the 6-party talks) Good luck buddy.
• Pull out of NATO (that’s why Putin likes him! How many trade agreements and mutual benefits we have with EU that benefit us? And how many tanks Putin rolls in when we leave???)
• Talk to Putin and tell him to stop (this isn’t the Apprentice— do you want to talk to Jeffry Dahmer also and tell him to stop?)
• Wants to build a wall over Mexico and tell Mexico to pay for it? Good luck buddy.
• Like Paris Hilton, Paris Trump, and wants to lead a country

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