The course and nature of things is such that: What was in front is now behind; What warmed anon we freezing find. Strength is of weakness oft the spoil; The stroe in ruins mocks our toil. Hence the sage puts away excessive effort, extravagance and easy indulgence. --The Art of War

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Do you want to get your name out? This is a great place to start! Build your writing portfolio here. The visibility of this site will make you a name that will last a lifetime. Start investing in yourself today.


There is no shortage of stock images. Supply and demand reaches an equilibrium. However, you can distinguish yourself as a professional photographer with a vested partnership. Inquire within.


Art has always been an institutional field. Things are changing. Internet marketing is revolutionizing and lowering the barriers to entry for visual artists to be able to make a living from their craft. You don't have to "sell-out" to make it. Inquire today.


Most jobs require experience. Many opportunities ask for a letter of recommendation. Here, you can build your resume and get a positive referral or letter of recommendation later. There are all kinds of positions at ThoughtCow, not just writing: marketing, computer programming, teaching, etc.


If you are interested, please shoot a quick, thoughtless email to with "contribute" as the subject line.

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--Iain Thomas
--*truth *prevails
--Philosopher King
--Morning Anthropomorphism
--*real *unreal