They say the devil you know is better than the devil you don't. I prefer to get to know the devil I don't. Often, they are not a devil at all. --Ankit Shukla


Lovely male seeking lonely female

Hi. My name is Josh. I am a 35 year old male seeking a beautiful female to settle down with. I have a good job and would like to start a family very soon. You must be below the age of 28.
You don't have to work, as I have the finances taken care of. However, your genetics must be in tip-top shape.
If you live in San Francisco, we can go on a date. However, if not, that's okay, we can get to know each other through IM chat. I can fly you out later, or I can come visit you.
Thank you for your consideration. It was lovely meeting you.

Dog needs new loving home

Hello. I love my dog very much. He is gentle and sweet and has never hurt anyone. Anyway, he is too small to hurt anyone anyway.
Anyway, I am at work all the time and do not have time to give him the attention he needs.
If you can give him 10 hours a week of attention, then you may be the perfect new owner for him.
Please, it would really help him and help me sleep at night to give him a better home.

Get 24-7 access to a tutor

Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Geometry, Trigonometry
Reply to this post to get your first 1-on-1 tutoring session FREE.

Looking for a job?

Looking for a motivated individual interested in marketing. Earnings potential is unlimited. Flexible hours, work from home.

Kill the GMAT! I did

Don't let one silly test stop you from going to a top-ranked business school. THIS TEST CAN BE HACKED. I focus on test-taking strategy and time-management, not just content. Reply to this post to get a free consultation.

Nobody reads your blog! Your website is invisible.

What's the point of having a website if nobody goes there? Website visibility and on-site traffic can boost your business's revenues by 10-fold. You need a dedicated full time SEO professional to get your website ranked on the front page of Google search results. It's not too late to invest in your business, but you need to START TODAY. Reply to my post for 20% off the first month and a no cost, no obligation consultation.

Personal trainer available -- Renton, WA -- Reno, NV

Are you lagging at the gym? Have you tried dieting and you're not getting the results you want? IT'S BECAUSE YOU NEED SOMEONE TO YELL AT YOU! Try getting up in the morning without an alarm clock; it doesn't work!
External motivation (or the lack thereof) is the number one reason people do not see the results they want. You also need a professional coach, mentor, and teacher, to tell you how to CHEAT, EAT THE THINGS YOU WANT, AND STILL SEE RESULTS!
Get the six-pack abs you've been dreaming of. Don't hide behind your friends in beach photos.
Underneath all that fat is a beach body inside you and you know it.

Housing wanted -- Portland, OR -- Vancouver, WA

Looking for a room in Portland, OR. I am a clean, organized individual who will spend most of my time at work. I can sleep through anything, so I promise I won't get mad if you have parties.
I love dogs if you have them. Washing dishes is soothing to me.
Please reply to this post telling me about your self and the roommate situation.

Real Estate agents!

You wish you created Google and were a multibillion dollar company. Guess what? It's not too late! You can become the Google of real estate.
Stop practicing real-estate locally! Branch out and join me in my vision to build the largest nation-wide real estate company. Internet technology is revolutionizing all areas of business, and I'm not going to sit back and let this opportunity pass me by in real estate!
If you are a real estate agent, please reply to this post and I will reach out to you to tell you about my plan. I need your help, and you can make a lot of money doing this! Thanks.

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