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First Posted: Dec. 17, 2015, 5:12 a.m. CST
Last Updated: Dec. 17, 2015, 5:12 a.m. CST

For the last ten so years, we have been on an all express trip to the 80s-90s. What makes them so special? Why do we have innate hunger pangs for such nostalgia? Was it really a better period of our lives? If I compare the modern era's material to the past, the overall writing has been improved upon as a whole. So, I reiterate: what make revisiting such ideas worth while? I mean in what era have we made a post-apocalyptic kids show all cute and cuddly? In what era can we produce honest comedy while still being politically correct? South Park did this, but perhaps it's a bad example. Oh wait, Adventure Time did this while having us take a trip to cuddly post apocolypto-land! Now why bring up a random kids show prove my points? Because within shows like Adventure Time, they have nostalgia written all over them. If I was to show that to a kid, it is a lighthearted comedy with a mixture of drama. However, if any adult were to look at the same content, they could see references to Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and Final Fantasy 7 among others.

Let's face it, nostalgia is the “in” thing. No one is reinventing the wheel when it comes to creativity when we talk nostalgia. We keep things that way, but try provide a spin on it for the new generation. In the recession until now, many movie and video game companies have been playing it safe with their releases. It seems hard for adults and children alike to embrace new things so they taken it upon themselves to stick to franchises that “work” so to speak. Because of this complacency, I want to look at each re-release that is coming out to see how well it held up to the “classics.” Whether it was so perfect the first time around, or that it was so bad that it's good, I shall scrutinize and put each thing under the proverbial “magnifying glass.”

Your thoughts and opinions are most welcome while my inner man-child implodes and then dons his monocle and top hat. First up, will be Star Wars. I'll try not to “force” you to read too many puns. So prepare your Swartz and practice your force chokes, I am kicking this off just in time for the premiere.

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